Welcome to Lux Sensory

Hey there! I'm glad you're here!

Lux Sensory began with a love for children and a firm belief in the benefits of sensory play. I was first introduced to sensory play when I worked as a rehab technician in a pediatric therapy clinic in 2013. I gained a wealth of knowledge as I assisted occupational therapists with sensory therapy for our patients.

Since then, I’ve been a nanny to several children with sensory sensitivities, which ignited a relentless search to find ways to meet their sensory needs. I'm crafty at heart so I'm always looking for opportunities to engage children's creativity. As a nanny I worked with an inquisitive 4 year old boy that had a million questions about the world. His eagerness to observe, learn and explore is what inspired my first sensory bin.

The loose parts in that bin gave him an outlet for his intuitive imagination and it motivated me to create more sensory bins for my own busy and curious daughter when I became a mother. Over the years I've curated several sensory experiences for her and it’s been so rewarding to see how much she has evolved and learned from them!

My heart is to share the benefits of sensory play to help build up creative kiddos! While also helping kiddos who are in need of calming coping strategies to manage their anxiety. I hope that you’re able to use Lux sensory kits to inspire creativity in your little ones and share some wonderful memories through sensory play!